Ginari Gibb Price – Substance Dependency

Ginari Gibb Price is a licensed and Board-certified psychiatrist practicing in Atlanta, Georgia. Her areas of specialty include developmental disorders, depression and neurodegenerative disorders, as well as substance dependence.

Substance dependence, she says, is a condition that results from the repeated use of certain drugs, and can result in withdrawal symptoms when the user stops taking those drugs. The dependence on the drugs is sometimes, but not always, associated with recreational use, but can also result from legally prescribed and administered medications.

A medication called Suboxone can be effective in helping people who are dependent on opiates kick their habit, and Ginari Gibb Price is qualified to provide that help. “I am one of the few physicians in my area trained and certified to prescribe Suboxone for opiate detoxification and addiction,” she says. Only doctors who have had special training can be licensed to prescribe Suboxone. It works, she explains, by suppressing the addict’s withdrawal symptoms and reducing their craving for more of the opiate they are addicted to. It is taken sublingually, meaning that it is placed under the tongue where it is absorbed by the blood vessels there.

But Ginari Gibb Price says that taking Suboxone is not, in and of itself, enough to help addicts recover. In fact, getting off of the drug physically, as difficult as that is, and as big an accomplishment as it is, is only the first step. She says that it is critical for recovering addicts to begin counseling to help them stay off the drug. There are many factors that can lead them back to the drug once it is out of their bodies, and for many recovering addicts they can be irresistible. She says that group therapy is usually the most effective type of counseling, because the patient is both supported and challenged by people who are going through the same thing.